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Beachborough School


Also known as....

Our Mission Statement

"We are a determined group of young engineers who are ready to conquer every planet starting with Mars! We will work together to complete any challenge thrown at us but this is just a whole lot of fun! #TeamBeachBotics!"


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Will robots ever drive cars

Beachborough School

Yes they do in cars now

mountin climbing

Beachborough School

robots can climb mountains

robot sports

Beachborough School

it would be harder

robot surgeons

Beachborough School

they would be cleverer than humans

robot messengers

Beachborough School

they would be quick


Bridges built

Beachborough School

Made a bridge

Super Computer makes contact with Lego men

Beachborough School

Breaking news the new nasa space computer has made contact with the Lego research teams!!?


Team Challenges

None yet!

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