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Belper School and Sixth Form Centre

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Our Mission Statement

"Building robots to awesomeness!!!"


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

The definition of "Robot" Collins English Dictionary

Belper School and Sixth Form Centre

"Any automated machine programmed to perform specific mechanical functions in the manner of a man." I don't think that all robots look like people, let alone just men. Honestly, dictionaries these days...

What is the definition of "Robot" (google first)

Belper School and Sixth Form Centre

"A machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially one programmable by a computer. eg: 'Half of all American robots are making cars or trucks.'" I had to add in the correct punctuation. I thought that correct grammar was essential, they even missed out capital letters! Just shows how smart/ genius/ AWESOME!!!!! the new generation is...

How could a robot have a sense of touch?

Belper School and Sixth Form Centre

Well, if tablets and smartphones have a pressure measuring thing/ screen, why can't a robot have a sense of touch? They may not be able to identify an object easily by its sense of touch, but with scanning the object, examining size, barcode (!) colour, and similar, a robot should easily recognise many objects.

Schools of the future...

Belper School and Sixth Form Centre

...Will probably be packed with robots. We could have programming schools, program a robot so it can help about the school! I don't think that robot teachers will ever fully replace human ones, could a robot be programmed to give out detentions if it detects gum chewing or absences of homework? I hope not!

What could ROBOT stand for?

Belper School and Sixth Form Centre

(This could get rather interesting) Rather... Outstandingly... Bad... with... Ordinary... Things (like my automatic spell checker, "stared" isn't a word according to my computer) If anyone else thinks that mine was rubbish, I'd like to see you come up with a better one!


Lego Computer!!!!

Belper School and Sixth Form Centre

Team building with one of our member's younger brother and sister. They had a whale of a time as they didn't have to go to bed early as they were doing something "educational"! Who knew how useful random pieces of Lego, found all around the house, can be?


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