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Kesgrave High School


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Our Mission Statement

"To seek out new life and new civilisations, to boldly go where no Lego team has been before. "


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Which are the best pets: real, virtual or robot pets

Kesgrave High School

I think that real pets are the best because they will have there own personality and a robot pet wont be the same as owning a real pet

What would be good about a teacher being a robot

Kesgrave High School

A positive would be that it would be much easier for them to be there on time because they would simply just shut down at a power supply. But the negative is that you wouldn't get the different personalities of real people.

Will robots ever Drive cars or fly planes

Kesgrave High School

They could, but if it malfunctioned then it could be fatal but it would allow people to relax as we have seen people are already making self driving cars.

RobotWorld - 24

Kesgrave High School

Those who have survived, have been released by the Government of Robots on the terms that if they release how they fought the virus they will have their hard drives pulled out while 'conscious'. And then be dismantled for use by others.

RobotWorld - 23

Kesgrave High School

The general punishment for hacking is having a powerful virus uploaded to you and slowly delete your data. Only some robots have successfully fought of the virus.


Lego HeliPad

Kesgrave High School

This Lego helipad can easily hold 4 water bottles, we tried using more but couldn't find any!


Team Challenges

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