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Longsands Academy

St. neots

Also known as....

Our Mission Statement

"Our mission is to be the best we can be by trying our hardest in everything we do. Our team loves a challenge and is willing to face different ones every day untill we have solved it. Overall we are a great team that works well together, burning up with creativity every time!"


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Can robots dance?

Longsands Academy

Robots have been designed to dance in many countries now!

Do robots get stressed?

Longsands Academy

If it is programmed to stress then it would able to. Especially the robot that have been designed as a human surely it get stressed!?

What if robots have to eat to gain energy?

Longsands Academy

If robots had to eat it would be quit inconvenient for us as we are constantly having to give robots food and it will not do its purpose efficiently

what if I had robots as my family

Longsands Academy

If my family was robots I wouldn't understand the meaning of family as they wouldn't be sensitive and being unique!

How a robot can help my dad?

Longsands Academy

A robot can help my dad by doing his work loads and his jobs around the house but apart from that not much!


A moving genius!

Longsands Academy

Our robot has moved a incredible distance of 1m whilst picking up a moon rock!

Is there a limit to how tall we can build skyscrapers?

Longsands Academy

So far the highest skyscraper is a length of 2,717 feet high, but Baker says it’s possible to go one meter taller than the tallest mountain. That means we could build a skyscraper that is 29,032 feet tall. To achieve that height, to actually build that skyscraper however would take a lot of engineering genius and, new technologies that haven’t yet been developed.

Dance failure!

Longsands Academy

We tried to make our robot dance but instead it fell and kept spinning as if it was doing break dancing.

Festive sparkle

Longsands Academy

We decorated our robot with tinsel and a bauble to get into the Christmas spirit.


Team Challenges

None yet!

Interact with other teams

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