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McLaren High School


Also known as....

Our Mission Statement

"We have won the heats, and that's what we intend to do at the finals! So watch out! SAS is on their way to Birmingham!!!!!!"


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

The future

McLaren High School

In the future robots would be a huge part of our lives

Robot waiter

McLaren High School

This robot would serve people quickly and efficiently!

Robotic sticker?

McLaren High School

*Face palm*


McLaren High School

The first robotic Olympics would have no winners because all the robots would be programmed equally ;)

Ideas anyone?

McLaren High School

I am really running out of ideas. maybe one day I can program a robot to do it for me? :)


Dream Bridge Building Team!

McLaren High School

We created a simple but effective support bridge, with one strong, tall strut holding up the centre. After the challenge had finally finished we were told that our design could hold up approximately 20kg, greatly surpassing the judges expectations!


Team Challenges

None yet!

Interact with other teams

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