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Sheffield High School


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Our Mission Statement

"We're the RoboChicks! Our mission is to build a multi-functional AWESOME robot that will complete all the challenges, and we will have oodles of fun along the way! We are grateful that we've been given the opportunity to participate in this amazing competition!"


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Robots of the future. Pt. 16

Sheffield High School

If robots had emotions then they would be able to act out plays and easily learn very long plays and scripts. It might not be as entertaining but it would be something very creative and fascinating.

Robots of the future. Pt.15

Sheffield High School

There are robots that can play different instruments like a violin or piano. This could be useful because if the music is too hard to play for a human the robot could easily play it. If you need to learn a piece of music quickly, the robot could do so.

Watch the video

Robots of the future. Pt.14

Sheffield High School

A robot librarian has been developed at Singapore's Agency for Science, Technology and Research. They can tell which books are missing or been misplaced. This machine can also take a significant number of jobs to track down books.

Watch the video

Tour guides

Sheffield High School

Human tour guides are last century. At Japan's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, scarily human-like androids act as exhibition guides – robot Kodomoroid lets visitors know about new stories that are relevant to the exhibits, while science communicator bot Otonaroid can chat with visitors and answer their science-related questions.

Robots of the future. Pt. 13

Sheffield High School

Cocktails can be hit or miss – you have rely on the skills of the mixologist, who may or may not be able to whip up a decent drink. Cue N1-C and B1-O. The star attraction of the Bionic Bar on the Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas cruise ship, the robotic duo can mix any one of 300 cocktails to perfection in a matter of seconds.


Watch our robot jazz dancing...

Sheffield High School

Our programmers managed to program the robot to complete many different activities. One of which was making the robot dance. It twirls and moves in a jazzy manner. Please watch the video that was attached via email from Sheffield High School. Enjoy our video!


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