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Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Could a human ever fall in love with a robot?

Wadebridge School

If you look at what people are falling in love with these days, it is more than possible for someone to fall in love with a robot, the real question is could a robot ever learn how to love a human or someone else?

Could robots be actors?

Wadebridge School

Sorry, but no. Robots don't have emotions therefore if they acted and the movie was released... it'd be very boring and "tuneless". As in it wouldn't be exciting or dramatic and you wouldn't want to watch the movie again and again like most movies! The robots would obviously speak in a robotic way, as in slowly and clearly and blankly. So it isn't exactly the best idea.

Could robots ever bring humans back to life?

Wadebridge School

I don't mean bringing someone like Shakespeare or Albert Einstein back to life, what if maybe someone has just dramaticly died from a heart attack or been hit by a car and they JUST died. The robot comes along and does something like xray vision and makes the persons heart beat, and gets the blood flowing fast enough for the person to do something like be reborn?!

Could there be a robot president?

Wadebridge School

Well if someone programmed a robot to judge people's opinions fairly and know exactly what to do business-wise... then perhaps a robot at some point in the future could reside in the White House and take care of America!

Robot athletes?

Wadebridge School

This is likely considering someone could easily make a robot and programme them to run quickly and be good at a certain sport.


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