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Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Are household robots actually helpful?

Guildford High School for Girls

Alexa and Google Home can do many things, but is it really easy for the average customer to shop by their voice when they can't see what they're buying? there is also the possibility that you order things by mistake. My answer is yes. maybe some of the features of these domestic devices are a bit unneeded, but they are certainly fun to play with and most people find themselves using the features when they actually have them available!

is it possible for robots to take over the world?

Guildford High School for Girls

probably not. scientists are very clever and will have many backup mechanisms in place to shut down rogue robots.

Why robots could be in the Olympic games

Guildford High School for Girls

Within this century, robots will probably become a natural part of our everyday lives. Despite the false claims that we would have hover boards by now, this concept is much more probable and is already happening! It is also likely that people adapting their own robots will start putting them against each other for sport - like the program Robot Wars. therefore it is quite conceivable that a sort of robot Olympics could be created!

Could robots help clean the planet?

Guildford High School for Girls

Robots are becoming an increasingly common feature of our lives, but so is something else; the issue of plastic waste. However, there is nothing stopping us from linking the two. A robot could be taught to recognize recyclable materials and products, and then sort them when you put them in the bin - saving the many recycling loads that are contaminated by non-recyclable materials. Moreover, robots could go around public places aided by GPS and camera systems to recognize litter and take it to the appropriate bin so that it doesn't pollute the environment.

Will robots eventually take over the human race?

Guildford High School for Girls

Probably... It depends if we treat them correctly or not, if we use robots as slaves they will learn to resent us for the way we treat them. In order to not cause conflict in the future we should respect robots and not just take them for granted!

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