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Harris Academy Bermondsey


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Our Mission Statement

"Our mission is to help in the advancement of robotics in the world to especially encourage young women to take part in STEM, as there are a minority in the sector, who aren't interested in this subject. We are excited to embark on this magnificent journey, changing the world for the better. "



Brain Bots & Mini Challenges


Harris Academy Bermondsey

This robot has sensors that sense if there's something wrong with the user or if there is something wrong with the house for example if there is a fire.


Harris Academy Bermondsey

IBM MERA comes with Watson-enabled intelligence inside it, and it is designed to help no only the elderly patient but also their caregiver.


Harris Academy Bermondsey

IBM are developing their Multi-Purpose Eldercare Robot Assistant (MERA), in partnership with Rice University.

Robot lawn mowers

Harris Academy Bermondsey

Instead of spending hours to mow lawns robots can do it, especially when it’s a large area like a football field

Robot ubereats

Harris Academy Bermondsey

Imagine robots delivering our takeaway. They could have a little cabinet in their torso which keeps the food warm on their journey

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