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James Hamilton Academy


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Our Mission Statement

"Jimmy Air Force plan to use robots to save the world in times of a humanitarian crisis!"



Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Could robots drive cars?

James Hamilton Academy

Is there any point of robots driving cars if we are developing cars that can drive themselves? At the Fairplex in Pomona, California the first robot drivers were tested out. Surprisingly the act of driving a car is far too complex for our current robots although robots may be able to drive cars in the future.

Why are animatronics scary?

James Hamilton Academy

We all know the indie game franchise Five Nights at Freddy's but why are animatronics scary? Animatronics aren't just scary within horror games but in real life ,in my opinion they are scary because they look similar to things we trust so when the turn on us it terrifies us more.

What would robot houses be like?

James Hamilton Academy

Robots would have no need for things like kitchens or bathrooms so if robots take over the human race properties would be smaller and overpopulation wouldn't be an issue as they don't require food.

Can robots be pets?

James Hamilton Academy

"Obviously" you are saying but can a robot be a pet? The definition of a pet is "a domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure" so a robot is already being rolled out but you'll be saying "So what? It can still look like an animal" and to that I say an pet is more that looking like animal but is a friend.

How will robots get smarter?

James Hamilton Academy

Essentially a robots intelligence is just pieces of our own. How can robots get smarter than us if we are the source of their intelligence. Will they do their own research based of our own? or use their quick minds to solve promblems we have had trouble solving?


Robots Dancing

James Hamilton Academy

robots can dance


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