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Kesgrave High School


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Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Generic Robot Jobs - 100

Kesgrave High School

Plastics technician – This robot can do tedious tasks like making sure plastic making tools are still working.

Generic Robot Jobs - 99

Kesgrave High School

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon – Robots can make the new face/whatever other thing look exactly like the patient wants it.

Generic Robot Jobs - 98

Kesgrave High School

Plant mechanic – Nuclear Power Plants can be dangerous, that’s why we use robots. They do it safely

Generic Robot Jobs - 97

Kesgrave High School

Picture framer – Lazy people like me won’t do this. But we will make a robot do this. It would be able to level it very well, and just put it onto a wall very well. Just not sure if you can trust a robot with a drill.

Generic Robot Jobs - 96

Kesgrave High School

Physiotherapist – The robot can use medical movements and techniques to help the patient.

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