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Our Mission Statement

"We hope to experiment and create to build the better future of tomorrow, and this is just a stepping stone on the long journey for technology."



Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

can robots become radioactive

Sale High School

i think yes and no because robots can be radioactive if people make them but they also cant if people don't make them radioactive but people could make mystakes and cause a chemical reaction in the robot to make them radioactive

what kind of robot pets could you have

Sale High School

you could have a dog, a cat, a mouse etc. any kind of robot animals you could have even a tiger if you want it just going to take quite a lot of time to design it to programme it. so it will take over a year. only do it if you have a lot of time

can robots go out to space

Sale High School

i think robots will be able to go out into space but only in the future because we don't have the technology at the moment to get robots or humans into space without little equipment but we can sent them into space in a rocket but not without a rocket.

why would a robot attack you

Sale High School

you might have programmed it to attack your sister/brother or a friend for fun. but not all people do it for fun. they would hack into your robot and programme it to attack you for revenge or they think it fun to attack someone for no reason

what to do if a robot attacks you

Sale High School

scary isn't it. hope it doesn't happen to you. lets get onto what to do then. if you built it then you must know where to turn it off. if you don't, try to hold it down and find the button which turns the robot off. so all you have to is to turn it off


Robots that can complete obstacle courses

Sale High School

As the recent nuclear disasters illustrated in unnerving clarity, mankind commands technology capable wreaking destruction we can't clean up without putting people's lives at risk. That's why DARPA is hosting the DARPA Robotics Challenge to program robots to go through obstacle courses.

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