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The Castle School


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Our Mission Statement

"To make robotics exciting brick by brick!"


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Will there be something greater than robots?

The Castle School

So much things in the universe that can surprise you. Robots may be the top of these things at the moment. Will there be Aliens who can reveal the secret of the universe to us? Will we have a powerful weapon that can control the weather and the sun?

Could a robot football team beat a human football team?

The Castle School

It would be hard to program a robot to do so. There are so many possibilities of the match and so many random things the players and the ball can do. Humans may be smarter than robots and trick them some how. But robots may have more powers and different parts, they can be well designed for football.

Will robots have rights?

The Castle School

If robots are going to be our future the sure will. They might have emotions and feelings. This means that they will be similar to us. They might be protected under the law. Robot workers may have maximise time at work everyday. They deserve to earn money so they win't be our slaves.

Should robots help in wars?

The Castle School

It's quite a bad idea for anyone to do this. They can develop all kinds of super powers and some how destroy the world and cause more deaths and losses. If just guns are not enough these will be unforgivable.

How can robots save the world?

The Castle School

If there's a illness that killed all humans. Robots may take over the world for us and pass on our knowledge. They may fight wars for us against aliens to stop more deaths. \they may become the future of hospitals and save many live there. They can be the new super heroes in films .

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