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The Urswick School


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Our Mission Statement

"We are the future, and the future is ours!"



Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Artificial muslcles

The Urswick School

Recently the university of Colorado Boulder Scientists have created artificial muscles. I think that the rate of how humans are working on A.Is that we could acheive something big.


The Urswick School

B.E.A.M is the latest robot helping connecting families it is a screen held by a stick which is moving using 2 wheels

pole dancing robots

The Urswick School

There are now complex robots that even pole dance.If you ever want to experience this (NOT) you can go to las vegas ces event

Battlefield Delivery Drones

The Urswick School

A disposable drone was mad that has the ability to deliver up to 320 kilograms of supplies to those in remote lands or in the middle of a warzone. The Marines have already given a contract to begin flight testing for battlefield delivery drones.

1961 Mobot Mark

The Urswick School

In the late 1950s, Sandia Laboratory created the Mobot - short for 'remote robot' or 'mobile robot'. A first version called Mark was made having arms able to lift 68 kilograms. However, later on a second Mark (Mark II) was made for more delicate tasks and was used to help a woman with her makeup and wardrobe, for example zipping up a dress or passing makeup pencils.



The Urswick School

Tanki is a robot with tank tracks so he is able to go up obstacles easily he likes climbing on boulders


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