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Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

How could robots help in hospitals?

Thomas Bennett Community College

Robots could be helpful in hospitals, they would help translate and confer information with patients without them having to worry about miss-communication or language barriers. They would also be able to help because they would have a wide range of information and skill sets.

How could robots help in your home?

Thomas Bennett Community College

Robots would be able to help all around the house as cleaners, fixers, plumbers, and cookers. This would be a huge help because it will allow time for parents to spend quality time with their children. However, there would be problems with allowing robots into your home, they would know everything about you. Your personal data and bank details would be known to the so called "helping hand."

What jobs might be done by robots in future?

Thomas Bennett Community College

I think that robots would be able to complete a variety of different tasks in the future, this will allow the to do almost any job available. This would be a problem because if robots can complete any job there wouldn't be and use for humans, this would cause the entire human race to become useless and obsolete.

Describe the first robot Olympics.

Thomas Bennett Community College

The first robot Olympics would be a competition of speed, strength and stamina. It would involve challenges like; who can bend the most metal, who can run the fastest, who can complete an obstacle course first, and how many humans can a robot kill in a minute (TERMINATOR WILL HAPPEN!)

Would you go to see a robot doctor instead of a human?

Thomas Bennett Community College

I would not go to see a robot doctor because i do not think that they would be able to sympathize with the patient, they might not be able to perform surgeries correctly.

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