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To prove we're not just students; we are the future.

To aspire to do great things!


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Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

could robots be police robots

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

i don't think they wouldn't know when to take serious action. but they might be able to because they would help save the lives of citizens and fellow police people!

should we give robots emotions

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

i don't think we should else there might be a rebellion!

Robot school?! Breaks/Lunch and why

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

they wouldn't need breaks because they're robots and they can function all day!

could robots be therapists

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

i really don't think they can be therapists because they wouldn't be able to understand human emotions

robot vs humans

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

robots, obviously!! OMG!! what if we had robot humans!! like bionic humans with real powers!! that would be amazing


we did the building of a robot

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

we did the robot and are the school bishop Thomas grant. we i with Mr burb.

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