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Mission Statement

We are on a mission to create a Robot that can do great things.

Robonova est in desertis


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Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Robot website

Guildford High School for Girls

It would come to life!!! (side note: we can still brainbot yay!)

Robot Big Bang Fair 2

Guildford High School for Girls

Would be useful to man the stalls whilst you are on a break or doing a challenge

Robot Big Bang fair

Guildford High School for Girls

Not as fun because all the people here are so great :)

Robot crying 4

Guildford High School for Girls

However, this would prevent the challenge of waterproofing the eyes, face and head of the robot

Robot crying 3

Guildford High School for Girls

They could be used to teach bullying young children to be kind as they see the pain they are causing or for new mothers to prepare for crying babies


Our Robotic Helipad!

Guildford High School for Girls

We built a robotic helipad that can hold 4 water bottles of varying sizes! Though simple, it is highly effective, and we think we could put on the market very soon!!!

Our Lego Computer

Guildford High School for Girls

We built a mini computer out of the lego, with a lever next to it as the mouse!

Our Skyscraper (feat. Bree the cat!)

Guildford High School for Girls

Unfortunately the image would not upload, but we built a skyscraper out of lego! Despite being slightly wobbly it stood up well! We were "assisted" by team member's cat Bree, who soon rested at the foot of the skyscraper after all her hard work!


Team Challenges

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