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Our Mission Statement

"We are pupils dedicated to building robots at Archbishop Temple School, working to build the best, be the best and the quickest."



Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Loveable robots

Archbishop Temple School

How can you learn to love a robot? Pets are real for a purpose. It's enough that robots are taking over our jobs, etc. But to start replacing family too?! With family, you have a special bond, one that you cannot build in a robot. Can robots be cute and cuddly and actually replace our beloved pets?

Flying and driving robots

Archbishop Temple School

Whilst technology has been developed that allows cars to park themselves and plains to drive on 'auto pilot', there are currently no robots that are sophisticated enough to drive a car or fly a plane. However, as these types of systems advance, it is likely that some form of machine will become our new pilot or taxi driver.

Intelligent robots doing more

Archbishop Temple School

For a robot to do more than it has been programmed to do, I feel that this would be entering the concept of artificial intelligence (AI). AI describes the idea that a piece of technology, such as a robot, can think for itself, and therefore decide alternatives to what it is programmed to do. So to answer the question, yes, I do believe that it is possible for a robot to do more than it has been programmed to do.

Future robots

Archbishop Temple School

Robots to save people when the conditions are to bad. All terrain robots (ATRs), will truly function as a team by sharing their locations, discoveries, search patterns and more. Large ATRs could carry many smaller robots and provide them with localised control and power.

How could a robot have a sense of touch?

Archbishop Temple School

Apple's iPad Pro is equipped with a screen that can sense a certain amount of pressure, allowing you to draw with the Apple Pencil. If this form of technology was developed further, it may allow robots to, when holding something, sense what it is made of and how it feels by putting pressure on the object, identifying it's strengths and weaknesses. This could be how robots gain a sense of touch.

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