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Tuxford Academy

Our Mission Statement

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Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

robot education

Tuxford Academy

will robots need teaching things like maths or english

eye sight

Tuxford Academy

will robot need glasses to see perfectly or will the be able to see things that we cant see like infer red or gamma waves.

killing robots

Tuxford Academy

will robots have the capacity to kill and carry it of not feeling anything.

robot law

Tuxford Academy

can robot be our next law enforcement. and also be able to fire a gun.


Tuxford Academy

can robots smile. will they have teeth to smile.


dancing robots

Tuxford Academy

Is it possible to make the robot do the waltz

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Tuxford Academy

Hi people

Ppppppri. K

Tuxford Academy

Why u have to be mad


Tuxford Academy

Engines have been collected from every combination of places and stuck on the plane for later on in the programs. OUR ROBOT WORKS!!


Tuxford Academy

We have made a new pick up system and it is working so far. We have got back to the base a couple of times


Team Challenges

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