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86th Newcastle Guides


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Our Mission Statement

"To have fun as a team, learning from and with each other whilst building, programming and raising the BEST robot!!"


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Can robots build another robot?

86th Newcastle Guides

Yes because they can be programmed to build another robot. Robots just need to be programmed and they will do what you have programmed them to do. They would help build parts, put them together and programmed the robots that have been built. When new robots are built they can help build more robots.

Could robots replace bodyguards?

86th Newcastle Guides

Yes, because their made of metal and will be less venerable to shots and knifes. They can't get distracted when protecting someone. Can't be bribed into distraction or danger. You could also program the robots to look out for certain people that could put people in danger.

Would a robot be able to make ethically based decisions?

86th Newcastle Guides

In some situations, for example health care, the decisions made by humans need to be based on ethics. Understanding these situations is complicated and is often subject to legal decisions. Whether a robot would ever be able to make the ethical decisions required is unlikely.

Could a robot replace actors?

86th Newcastle Guides

Robots could make filming films more efficient if you only have to programme the robots to say the lines and move to different places they would learn the lines quickly. However, it would take time to programme the robots and they wouldn't perform with as much feeling as humans would.

Could a robot be a leader of a country?

86th Newcastle Guides

We don't think a robot will be a good leader because it won't be able to make the right decisions under pressure and know what is best for the country it is watching over.



86th Newcastle Guides

We recorded the whole team singing the song using the iPad and the replayed it through Gabby

Watch the video

Gabby's Minions!

86th Newcastle Guides

We recorded a team member using the iPad and then played it back through Gabby

Watch the video

Delivering the lifesaving kit

86th Newcastle Guides

A short video of Gabby delivering the truck to the airoplane

Watch the video

Night Fever!

86th Newcastle Guides

Boogying through the night in true disco style. Using gears and the small motor to make it look like the old disco dancing with a smile on Gabbie's face :)

Watch the video

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