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Our Mission Statement

"We think one exciting opportunity is how robots can explore deep space. This is because they can survive in conditions humans can't. Another exciting role for robots is in assisting humans in doing the exciting things they do, however we think it's important they do not seek to replace humans."


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

What Are Humanoid robots?

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

Humanoid robots are robots whose design looks like a human being. This design is usually used for functional purposes, for example, picking things up and interacting with the environment like a human does. They are fully automated and adapt to its surroundings to achieve goals.

Acrobatic Robots…

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

Atlas is a robot made by Boston Dynamics, which can essentially do many movements humans can. It is capable of jumping across gaps and spinning 180°. However, the best stunt it can do is doing a backflip, going to the point to using its arms to balance itself after nailing the landing like a real gymnast!

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Sophia - The First Robot Human

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

Sophia is the world’s first humanoid robot, which made international headlines. She’d become a full citizen of Saudi Arabia, the first to reach this status. She is designed to learn and adapt to human behaviour and work with humans. She works using AI (Artificial Intelligence), face recognition and visual data processing to function, while imitating human gestures, expressions and going to the point of engaging in conversations. She answers certain questions on predefined topics. A video is linked to YouTube below to see her in action!

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Could Robots Treat Cancer In The Future?

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

Recently, ‘Biohybrid’ machines have been developed which are the size of red blood cells and may be able to deliver drugs to certain parts of the body soon. The tiny robots are coated in tiny algae with magnetic particles which enable it to swim through fluids like urine. In the initial tests, the robots successfully guided magnetically to sites in the stomachs of rats where they killed cancerous tumours, all while keeping the healthy cells unharmed! They the future, researcher hope to use the same thing to deliver drugs to the human body.

Bipedal Robots Walking? – Pretty Hard

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

Sure, robots can walk well enough and break into a quick jog when pushed. However, they usually struggle with uneven terrain, gusts of wind or jolts to the side. Robot makers work with rigid materials and robots themselves have simpler brains than we do which means imitating the ways and responses we do is a major challenge. It takes a mountain of physics and engineering to do this.

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