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James Hamilton Academy


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Our Mission Statement

"Jimmy Air Force plan to use robots to save the world in times of a humanitarian crisis!"


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Is Genos a robot?

James Hamilton Academy

Genos from One Punch Man is not a robot but a cyborg he upgraded himself to get revenge he is a teenager who is mostly robot.

Is Franky a Robot?

James Hamilton Academy

No ,of course he isn't ,he is clearly a cyborg which is displayed in many episodes. Franky(also known as Cutty Flam) is a cyborg operating on cola which is a good source of fuel economically. Franky has many abilities as a cyborg and is the crews shipwreck and creator of the a thousand sunny.

Are cybermen robots?

James Hamilton Academy

Cybermen are half robots ,half human their cyborgs. They were originally a human like race that nocked out their orbit, they far more advanced than earth and with their lives ever shortening they staring replacing their bodies with robotic bodies. They first appeared in 1966 in the episodes the tenth planet.

Are Daleks robots?

James Hamilton Academy

Are Daleks robots? No of course not! The robotic like outside is the armour of a mutant creature that is actually the dalek it has squid like tentacles and a large brain that is quite visible. Raymond Cusick designed the original design that hasn't really changed over the years.

Could lego ever have their own mini robots ?

James Hamilton Academy

Most likely. They already exist. You must be shocked to hear this. Believe me since we are currently using them.


Robots Dancing

James Hamilton Academy

robots can dance


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