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Ormiston Park Academy

South Ockendon

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Our Mission Statement

"We plan to get the most out of this as we put in alot of hard work and effot to get to this stage."


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Will AI ever be "born"

Ormiston Park Academy

machines will evolve from purely mechanical devices, to hybrid mechanical-organic contraptions, to mostly living machines, to pure synthetic life forms, and the process of building machines will be replaced by growing them.

AI Religion

Ormiston Park Academy

For a computer to affiliate religiously, it would need not only intelligence but also two other human characteristics: motivation based on emotion, and the ability for religion to stimulate that emotion.

AI music

Ormiston Park Academy

They have created an AI called “Aiva” (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist) and taught it how to compose classical music

Why gender AI

Ormiston Park Academy

In humans our genetic makeup is a large part of our identity, as AI don’t have genetics, we have to categorise them by function and code, but that job is for humans at the moment, so why is it that we are obsessed with gendering these AI.

What are the best pets: real, virtual or robot pets? P3

Ormiston Park Academy

Robot pets have the same problems as virtual pets. They cannot be petted the same way that real pets can be and they lack the same type of affection that real pets can give to humans. They are the second worst type of pet to have (right after virtual pets which are the worst type of pet to have) as they would also be extremely hard to program to get the right type of movement of each animal. They would also be extremely un-cuddly and show near to zero affection to their owner/ their human.

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