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Sale High School


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Our Mission Statement

"We hope to experiment and create to build the better future of tomorrow, and this is just a stepping stone on the long journey for technology."


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

can robots solve the rubiks cube

Sale High School

they can solve it if they are programmed to the right instructions. i believe they can. but first you need to figure out a way to do it your self first

can robots fly planes and drive busses

Sale High School

i think no because robots tend to malfunction and go out of controll and crash so thats why we have pilots

robots can record by a camera on them

Sale High School

the cameras are low cost miniature wireless cameras that can mount easily onto your robot. all our cameras are colour. we also sell a camera pan and tilt system so your robot or other application can remotely look in all directions. we now carry plastic domes to protect your camera.

how long will it take to program a robot

Sale High School

a lot. it depends on what you want to program the robot to do.if you never tried to program and you dont get the hang of it it will take even longer to program a simple code

will robots be able to tell the time

Sale High School

if a phone can a robot can because a phone is a robot. you just have to program it correctly


Robots that can complete obstacle courses

Sale High School

As the recent nuclear disasters illustrated in unnerving clarity, mankind commands technology capable wreaking destruction we can't clean up without putting people's lives at risk. That's why DARPA is hosting the DARPA Robotics Challenge to program robots to go through obstacle courses.

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