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The Holgate Academy


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Our Mission Statement

""We hope to inspire the next generation to create and build a better future, and this is just one small step for technology on this epic journeyā€¯"


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Will robots ever be cleverer than people?

The Holgate Academy

It depends on how we define it. The speed at which robots can operate might make computers seems cleverer than people. They can work things out faster than we can, but they've needed people to tell them how to do those things. Our ability to make decisions makes us smarter than robots though!

How could robots help in hospitals?

The Holgate Academy

Robots are already being used to perform operations. They're great because the work they do is incredibly precise! Could we use robots to clean, move beds or even welcome people to hospitals. That might be quite scary though!

How could a robot have a sense of touch

The Holgate Academy

It's very simple. All you have to do is get a sensor for when it gets really close to the wall and then goes backwards or put a button on the front, when something touches it, it will go the opposite direction.

How could robots help in your home

The Holgate Academy

I think robots could help in your home because you could get louds of robots to do stuff like for example, cleaning,washing,doing the garden,getting things you want ect.but it would cost possibly around £1000 and it would take a lot of programming and even building.when the person had finished it would probably be worth there money.

Will robots ever drive cars or fly planes

The Holgate Academy

I think robots could drive cars because now days technology is pretty edvanced.people have already made rc cars,so the people that made the rc car if they tried to go onto the next level they could(maybe)make a fully AI car. Robots could fly planes but it is going to be a very long time till we have fully AI robot to drive a planes but it would have to to be a little rc plane to start with AI flying.but first they would to program it to fly a rc plane and then move onto the next level.



The Holgate Academy

Jonny5 has changed every week of the challenge. He now has gears, multiple sensors and different tyre for stability. It was tricky programming the different sensors and we had to make it narrower to get it up the ramp but we're nearly there!

Obstacles are no obstacle for Holgate Robotics

The Holgate Academy

For two weeks we worked hard to practice using colour, touch and gyrosensors to find our way around an obstacle course and rescue our lego minifigures. Two groups competed with extra point on offer for those who made best use of the sensors, and negative points given if we bumped into anything! Team Jonny5 was victorious!

Challenge: We tried The obstacle course!

The Holgate Academy

The holgate academy did a challenge. We weaved through boxes and tried to pick up Lego men.


Team Challenges

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