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The Urswick School

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Our Mission Statement

"Free like Smoke, with our own will, our perspicacious minds... incite a glorious thrill."


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Robot T.A - 3

The Urswick School

Teacher Assistants are people children turn to as a trustworthy comforting figure. But wouldn't we be changing this human comfort, if we began developing schools with some or more robots that friendly human faces? I don't think children will be as comfortable to turn to a programmed robot than an actual human T.A.

Robot T.A - 2

The Urswick School

For some their Teacher Assisstant was what made their childhood and primary school life memorable. But, what if you didn't have that? What if it was a robot? Bound to be smarter so would you prefer a smarter T.A or a kinder T.A.

Robot T.A - 1

The Urswick School

Would you be comfortable with having a ronbot as your teacher assisstant in primary school? A computer programmed to do what it does...programmed artificial emotion....just a robot.


The Urswick School

people are suffering around the world : food hunger financially health problems we have widen our thoughts and carefully distribute the money to every problems in the world, to make it a better world to live in.


The Urswick School

big companies may be funding companies to produce more HI-TECH robots but we have to keep in mind that people are still suffering in many ways



The Urswick School

Tanki is a robot with tank tracks so he is able to go up obstacles easily he likes climbing on boulders


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