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William Howard School


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Our Mission Statement

"We are keen to explore the world and develop our skills ready to take on any challenge that we face. To put Cumbria on the map!"


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Roving Reporter - Robot Olympics

William Howard School

Alice was asked to research and respond to the question about the robot olympics. Her answer was, "I can see it being a test of robotic skills such as speed, knowledge and fighting skills. I think these events would not be as exciting as the olympics are today. This could draw crowds to see robots fighting and robots could even compete in competitions humans can also do".

Interviews about the School of the Future

William Howard School

We asked some Lower School students about the school of the future. Alice said, "I believe that it will include a lot more technology in the form of teaching meaning less teachers in the school. This could also lead to children being taught by Skype or pre-recorded videos instead of then actually having a human teacher. This would mean children would not be able to ask as many questions and may lack social skills."

Pets: Real, Virtual, Robot?

William Howard School

Real pets are better for company because it is a living breathing being. However, virtual pets are less needy, and don’t require feeding or walking. This means less responsibility is required, but that means that responsibility can’t be learned.

Could robots help elderly people?

William Howard School

Yes, they can. They could help with keeping them company, helping them clean, aiding general manoeuvres. However, if like my gran, they don’t like technology, it may be more of a hindrance, and could scare them.

How 'human' can a robot be?

William Howard School

No. they can imitate humans’ emotions and concerns but they can never actually possess them. However, it depends on what you derive as human, and what characteristics make you human.


It dribbles! Shoots! Scores! It dances a Victory Jig!

William Howard School

We had a few challenges in this: no battery on the tablet; no battery in the brick, no football. But we overcame them all and made a FANTASTIC video of a dribble, score AND victory jig!

Watch the video

Team 2 Accept the challenge

William Howard School

This took more effort because our robot has an independent mind, but we got there in the end! To make sure the microphone worked we shouted a bit loud...

First Team Introduction!

William Howard School

It wasn't easy to get the Kindles to record the sound - we had to struggle to make them behave, but we got them working!


Team Challenges

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