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Park High School


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Our Mission Statement

"To enjoy the journey of building and programming our 2.O robot . Even the little changes can make the biggest difference !"


Brain Bots

Will we ever be able to get 0 pollution?

Park High School

Since the steam train and technology has been invented, humans have polluted the earth ever since. We have been making so much pollution and now we are never going to stop

What is the most renewable transport?

Park High School

Public transport causes damage to the environment but it is n alternative for many cars which will decrease pollution slightly.

What do you call a robot that looks human?

Park High School

A robot which looks like a human is called a humanoid robot and it can walk, talk and act like a human

Why do we need engineers?

Park High School

We need engineers to solve problems and we wont have most pieces of technology if we didn't have engineers

a new transport solution that emits no pollution?

Park High School

We could have zip lines which will carry us long distances and it will be fast. There will also be an amazing view from all the way up in the zipline. The only disadvantage of this transport system is that it will be very expensive


Retrieving the battery

Park High School

Our Battery store built like a shopping basket was not all that easy to retrieve. Our year 10 Mentors are smart but our R 2.O Robot didn't need them to get the battery store back.

Trees stand tall

Park High School

We had a few cringe moments but we have done it!!!

Such a show off

Park High School

Initially we recorded our message on the iphone, we thought it was pretty straightforward but we had issues transferring it to the EV3. IT dept in our school came to the rescue & yeah .. we have done it. !!

C 2 C

Park High School

We have succeeded with the Challenge C - Pollution round. We had a few ups and downs (Literally!)but we made it finally amidst a few enthusiastic team mates. Well done to our team 2.O .

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