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Sale High School

What is an inventive way to clean up pollution from the water? • With an increasing population engineers are thinking about creative ways of growing food like vertical farming and even growing food on a lake. • Engineers are re-thinking cars, trains, planes and all other forms of transport.


Sale High School

Energy is all around us. It can be harnessed from many forms including the kinetic energy from a dance floor to food waste. Every day tonnes of plastic are thrown away.


Sale High School

do they actually check these or do we just get points?

robots as co-workers!? is this the foreseeable future

Sale High School

Robots will have a profound effect on the workplace of the future. They'll become capable of taking on multiple roles in an organization, so it’s time for us to start thinking about the way we’ll interact with our new coworkers. The machines will likely evolve more in terms of voice recognition, so we’ll be communicating with them through voice commands. This is how futurist Nikolas Badminton expect things to develop: “You’re probably going to walk into an office and your system’s been churning over the last couple of hours considering what’s been going on in business, your role, yo

how do robots change our home life

Sale High School

Cloud-connected home robots are already becoming part of our lives. We can set up the vacuum cleaner to do the chore for us, and we can schedule a warm home-cooked meal to be ready by the time we’re finished with work. Multi-function robotic cookers are able to fry, steam, bake, slow cook, and perform any other action without our intervention. We just set them up. These cloud-connected robots are likely to evolve into more advanced version. We expect to see speech comprehension and increased interactions with humans in the upcoming years.



Sale High School

we decided to program our robot to use each sensor in a different way so by using the touch sensor we made it open its arms we had built. then using the infrared sight sensor we got it so see when it was close to the object intended for it to pick up. using the colour sensor we let it identify a shade of red before dropping the object down. gyro was used to spin the robot around 360' 3 times whilst it played 'party' theme music.

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