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St Paul's RC Academy


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Our Mission Statement

"To boldly go where no second year has gone before!"



Brain Bots

Powered by Poop

St Paul's RC Academy

Manure can be used as fuel by separating its components, we would use lime to break it down and supress the smell.

Guarding the Garden

St Paul's RC Academy

A Robot designed to prevent/stop thieves in their footsteps by playing bass boosted 'What are you doing in my swamp!' to scare them away. Powered by H2O so you can water the plants and its environmentally friendly.

H20 Powered Bot

St Paul's RC Academy

The robot is filled with water, pulsing round the body, keeping it charged 24/7. No more pollutive fuels.

Feed for Speed

St Paul's RC Academy

Public transportation robot but instead of paying you can feed it your single-use plastics e.g. water bottles. The robot will automatically turn that plastic into environmentally friendly fuel, the robot also picks up plastic litter on the way.

The flinging Robot

St Paul's RC Academy

The flinging robot will have precise aim to fling garbage and plastic to the dump. It's flinging power will also account for the weight of the garbage and the weather. when the garbage come to take you're trash it will bring it to the robot to fling so trips will be quicker. it will be Eco powered and a another version will be for recyclables.


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