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1st Seghill Guides

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Our Mission Statement

"We are feeling confident. We want to win!"


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Will robots ever drive cars or fly planes?

1st Seghill Guides

We think that society will come to the point where robots will fly or drive any vehicle. We all think this is possibly a bad idea because it means easier crime. But it could also make a more relaxed and careful driving conditions. They can travel roads more safely.

What if our Guide leaders were robots?

1st Seghill Guides

Robots wouldn't be as fun, and it would be harder for us to go on trips because we would end up having to look after the robot, rather than the robot looking after us. A robot wouldn't be able to help us as much when we are building things because things like fire will be dangerous if a robot did it. The only good thing a robot could do would be looking up information quickly, when our leaders do it they have to do it before they get to guides and remember it for when they are telling us and this takes up a lot of their time. But a robot could wait until we asked and research it then

Will robots take over the world?

1st Seghill Guides

Robots are becoming more advance, but they will probably never be able to take over the world. Robots are only as clever as we are. We build them, so if we don't tell them to do something they wont do it. They aren't built like us. This means that their bodies don't work the same way ours do, so they wont be able to pick things up as well as we can. Robots are really expensive. This means that if they break, they are expensive to fix. Sometimes it might be easier and cheaper to not have them fixed because of the money.


Scoop it up

1st Seghill Guides

We built the robot with a scoop on the front and used other lego as debris. We got the robot to scoop up the lego and pile it up in one corner. Sometimes the robot drove over the lego, but we tried again until it worked.

Our robot said our names

1st Seghill Guides

We got our robot to say each of our names by recording us shouting them and then we all shouted our team name and our robot repeats it over and over.


Team Challenges

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