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4th Berwick Guides

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Our Mission Statement

"Ramps nor tracks will stop us now. With team work we can complete them all!"


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

robots as teachers

4th Berwick Guides

they would be able to teach Maths because it can be programmed to do calculations. but it wouldn't be able to teach subjects like PE and English because they can't run around or explain English.

robot cars

4th Berwick Guides

cars will be driven soon by robots. On a busy road would the robot stop if someone started to cross the road in front of the robot car?

Will robots ever fly planes or drive cars?

4th Berwick Guides

yes, they will. Some incredibly high-tech car companies already they are not finished yet though. But they will in the future very soon.

What jobs could robots do in the future?

4th Berwick Guides

Robots could do anything really, like: taxi driver, pilot, doctor,waiter or a caretaker. i think they will quite soon.

Describe the first robot Olympics.

4th Berwick Guides

The robot Olympics could take place anywhere, with some contestants even being virtual presences! Activities could include ones similar to what we've been doing today eg. races, ramps and and track courses.

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