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Bentley Wood High School


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Our Mission Statement

"Who needs Python, when there’s LEGO MINDSTORMS... let us walk you through the future of robotics reaching out to those in need."



Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Why are robots used in medicine?

Bentley Wood High School

It’s more precise.

Should robots have funerals?

Bentley Wood High School

I think that if robots are treated as humans and if they are classed as humanoids then if they have a meaning and ask for a funeral then I do not see why they can't

Can robots die?

Bentley Wood High School

We think robots can die when they have no more possible replacements parts to restore their ’lives’.

Will robots ever have a morality?

Bentley Wood High School

It seems impossible but if they have a brain then a morality may follow

Could robots go to jail

Bentley Wood High School

Could robots commit criminal offences? If one were to, would they be convicted? Provided that they don't have free will, can you fault the robots - or the programmers? It isn't the robot's fault that they were programmed to commit murder, for example. It's the programmers fault, and they should be jailed.



Bentley Wood High School

a robot can scoop all the rubble in the same way a dump truck would except theat the robot will only have the support of its programs


Bentley Wood High School

our robot can go up the ramp at a very steep level and positions itself witnout support

Humanitarian aid delivered

Bentley Wood High School

We as a group caught and delivered our humanitarian aid


Bentley Wood High School

yellow bag

Robot completes obstacle course

Bentley Wood High School

Our robot has completed a very challenging obstacle course however it whizzed through in no time.


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