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Bishop Thomas Grant RC School


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Our Mission Statement

"Although we believe that we have the right skill sets to win this competition, we know that the competition is not only about winning. We are taking this as an amazing opportunity to meet new people and have fun. We are very thankful for this opportunity and treasure this experience forever."

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Brain Bots & Mini Challenges


Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

National Robotic Health Service would be full of intelligent robots who can fulfil wonderful surgery, know the exact amount of medication needed, be able to know the problem immediaty and give free x rays.


Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

i know its not related to robots but when every tree is chopped down its very likely we could die.

Space robots

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

due to robots we can discover mars, there have been around 40 billion planets discovered we can now explore some of them by sending more robots into space.

Robots in movie ( stereotypes part 3, yeah, its back )

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

In movies like star wars for example robots have their own thought even if their programmed to help mechanics they go out and hack into a death star ( R2D2) which is once again unrealistic because robots can't break their programming.

Robot leaders?

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

If we had robot leaders there would be no constant fear of a world war 3 or nukes to be sent at each other and they would make much smarter decisions so we would all live in more peace than today. An example of someone like this is Zenyatta.

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