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Bishop Thomas Grant RC School


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Our Mission Statement

"Although we believe that we have the right skill sets to win this competition, we know that the competition is not only about winning. We are taking this as an amazing opportunity to meet new people and have fun. We are very thankful for this opportunity and treasure this experience forever."

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Brain Bots & Mini Challenges


Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

robots are exploring mars not humans robots.


Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

scrap the electrical idea because we make global warming to make electricity so make water powered cars.

electrical car

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

global warming is no surprise and one of the reasons its happening are the fuels in our car so by using electrical cars we could slow it down.

could transformers be real?

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

yes, we could build them but no, they wont be aliens.

games on robots ( stereotypes 2 )

Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

Detroit Become Human is a game where you play as three androids, the first robot cop, Connor the android sent by cyberlife, a personalised care taker and savour, Markus and a house maid, Kara. In the game they break their programming which is unrealistic.

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