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Bodmin College


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Our Mission Statement

"New Gucci gang has arrived people's. We will thrash you!!!!"


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Our robot

Bodmin College

Hi everyone, our robot now has extendable grabber claws to push the button. Only a couple of weeks till the competition now. Lizzy💄💋💋👠


Bodmin College

Drones, plenty of people use them. But can we really trust people not to use them to cause disruption and mayhem? We think people need to have a permit to own a drone and a serial number. So if something like the gatwick drone incident ever happens again police can trace a drone by its serial number and put a stop to things like this happening again.

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Robots help around the house

Bodmin College

New robots are being created all the time, but what does this mean for human jobs? Over 800 million jobs are predicted to be taken over by 2030.


Bodmin College

Only four weeks till the competition, good luck everyone. See you there. Lizzy 💄💋💋👠 And Jaz😇🤑🤑😎💸

Our robot.

Bodmin College

Our robot is coming along very fast now that we're back at school. We spent lunch and our afternoon lessons testing and racing our robot, and having a great time. Lizzy 💄💋💋👠


Programming the robot

Bodmin College

We have started programming our robot to sing almost done! 👌😊


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