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Burnt Mill Academy


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Our Mission Statement

"We are students today, engineers tomorrow. Aspiring to develop and solve the worlds major problems through engineering. Change stereotypes. Be defined for who we are, not assumptions. "


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges


Burnt Mill Academy

Drones are going to solve all kinds of humanitarian crisis. They can drop off aid in countries without having to put people at risk.

What jobs might be done by robots in future?

Burnt Mill Academy

This question opens a wormhole of answers as we step into an age of the future and with that jobs will be sallowed. we've seen it with jobs in the nuclear facitilites taken


Burnt Mill Academy

Our name is a great pun

How small will computers be in the future

Burnt Mill Academy

So small that you will be able to implant them in your brain so you can use them without a mouse/keyboard

Can robots die

Burnt Mill Academy

If they were programmed to live a certain number of years then explode then I guess that would be similar

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