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Our Mission Statement

"We are excited to enter as we have put in lots of research and hard work. We have learnt multiple tasks and life skills from entering the competition. From working in a team we have learnt to be a team player and leader. From using the robotics, it has taught us how to solve problems and overcome obstacles. It has also educated our knowledge of robotics and how machines work. We have also developed an interest in humanitarian aid and its jobs with us all interested a STEM job in the future."



Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Dr. Robot

Cambridge House Grammar School

Currently people are becoming consultants to be allowed to operate on patients, but what if a robot, with accurate precision and needing no breaks could become a surgeon? The possibilities are becoming endless for robots, so why should they not operate. For example, they could easily drill into the spine and insert screws at accurate angles and places for a cure for spina bifida.

Robotic Prescriptions

Cambridge House Grammar School

In the pharmacy at the university of California, a robot fills prescriptions, not humans. The robot receives the prescription via a computer and then fills it. In its first phase, out of the 350,000 orders it completed, none of them were faulty.

The future scientists - robots

Cambridge House Grammar School

Robots should be used in labs to test and experiment with new materials. They can work in high pressure or heat areas, amongst poisonous or toxic gases without being harmed. They can also work around the clock with no breaks, but will still do the same job accurately.

What if a child needs a bionic arm?

Cambridge House Grammar School

Open bionics are a company based in Bristol that are making cheap, bionic arms for children and are making them look child – friendly and not scary. They have been licensed by Disney to make iron man, frozen and Star Wars themed arms along with other pretty designs.

A robot testing human blood?

Cambridge House Grammar School

They can speed up blood test results. Currently these are being done by hand, but this is a long and slowly moving process. A robot could collect the sample, transport it around the hospital or lab quickly and then test the blood samples by machinery. It would be more accurate and a lot faster than a human doing it.

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Team Challenges

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