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Cambridge House Grammar School


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Our Mission Statement

"We are excited to enter as we have put in lots of research and hard work. We have learnt multiple tasks and life skills from entering the competition. From working in a team we have learnt to be a team player and leader. From using the robotics, it has taught us how to solve problems and overcome obstacles. It has also educated our knowledge of robotics and how machines work. We have also developed an interest in humanitarian aid and its jobs with us all interested a STEM job in the future."



Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

3D skin printer

Cambridge House Grammar School

While on the topic of drones, they could also carry medical supplies, especially 3D printers. Already in labs, an experiment has been carried out to see if 3D printers could print skin grafts. The advantage of this is that they could be taken straight onto a disaster scene to replace skin. E.g. at a bomb sight, burn victims could be treated immediately.

Drone advantages

Cambridge House Grammar School

Drones have 2 main advantages over satellites. Firstly, drone images have a much higher picture quality which means that they can get a clearer picture of what is going on. Secondly, drones can fly under the clouds. This could particularly help humanitarian aid after there has been a hurricane or a typhoon as clouds do not move for a few days which means that satellite images cannot be taken, so it is obvious that the only way to get a clear picture would be from a drone taken below a cloud.


Cambridge House Grammar School

Drones have been used to deliver food and medical supplies to the people of Syria in the midst conflict and war, as well as in areas like Rwanda and Tanzania, where access to healthcare is difficult. Expanding this robotic delivery network for health and medical purposes could save lives globally.

Robotic surgeons

Cambridge House Grammar School

Currently people are becoming consultants to be allowed to operate on patients, but what if a robot, with accurate precision and needing no breaks could become a surgeon? The possibilities are becoming endless for robots, so why should they not operate. For example, they could easily drill into the spine and insert screws at accurate angles and places for a cure for spina bifida.

Robot Doctors

Cambridge House Grammar School

What if robots became the new doctors seeing patients twice as fast. There would be no more waiting lists for patients with physical or mental needs. Robot Doctors will be prescribing Patients with their needed medication. These robot doctors will not need breaks and they will work 24/7. There’s no stopping them.

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