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Neston High School


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Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

robot guard

Neston High School

Robots should be the new security guards. They can work in dangerous environments without being harmed, they don’t get scared and sometimes cannot be seen. Robots can now work in more unpredictable environments. For example, sensor-equipped robots can see through walls or hear sounds—such as far away footsteps—too faint for the human ear. To stop burglaries or attacks.

Pharmacist robot

Neston High School

People are using drones but what about robots? At the minute, if you need a prescription from another hospital, you have to wait for multiple hours be for it will arrive as there have to be enough prescriptions before a delivery man will deliver prescriptions. What if a drone was given the prescription, with an accurate program to deliver it to a specific location or hospital ward? It would mean that there would be less waiting times, which would mean that people could be discharged sooner, meaning that doctors wouldn’t have to worry about as many patients an could see people sooner

robot doctor

Neston High School

What if robots became the new doctors seeing patients twice as fast. There would be no more waiting lists for patients with physical or mental needs. Robot Doctors will be prescribing Patients with their needed medication. These robot doctors will not need breaks and they will work 24/7. There’s no stopping them.

surgeon robot

Neston High School

Currently people are becoming consultants to be allowed to operate on patients, but what if a robot, with accurate precision and needing no breaks could become a surgeon? The possibilities are becoming endless for robots, so why should they not operate. For example, they could easily drill into the spine and insert screws at accurate angles and places for a cure for spina bifida.

school future

Neston High School

hey would have tables that have a huge screen on them. we would write on iPad's and the teachers will be robots. we will not speak but text instead!


The name is....

Neston High School

This is our robot and the name is Phil Swift.


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