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Nonsuch High School for Girls


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Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Going to the finals!

Nonsuch High School for Girls

We are so excited to go the finals! Everyone worked really hard. And remember if at first you don't succeed, call it version 1.0! xD

How could a robot have a sense of touch?

Nonsuch High School for Girls

Some robots have hairy artificial skin that gives them a better sense of touch than humans.The smart skin includes nanowire sensors made from zinc oxide. They are much thinner than human hair (0.2 microns, while hair is around 40 microns) and when they brush against something, they can sense temperature changes. Other robots have electronic gloves that give them a sense of touch too. The gloves imitate the layers of skin on a human hand and how the skin gives us our sensitivity.

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Robot bakers

Nonsuch High School for Girls

Robot bakers can bake cakes, pies and various other things. If they were programmed, it would be easy for them to do this as long as they know what they are doing and do not spoil the reputation of the bakery. They can also come up with new recipes.

Robot school

Nonsuch High School for Girls

It may be impossible to eventually have a school for robots. A school is all about learning, but robots cannot learn - they can only be programmed. Essentially it would not be a school; it would be a workshop, and the teachers would be programmers.

Robot reporters

Nonsuch High School for Girls

Robot reporters can record an event and then the newspaper writers can use that information without having to travel to the location themselves. Journalists could just find out the locations of interviews beforehand and can program the robot to do there without being spoilt by rivals.

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