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Rainhill High School


Also known as...

Our Mission Statement

"We want to achieve the best we can possible gain from this competition. We would like to construct a mechanically sound robot that we can steer, we would also like full control of our robot. "



Brain Bots & Mini Challenges


Rainhill High School

sub to digitalord


Rainhill High School

do not buy they suck


Rainhill High School

do not buy they suck


Rainhill High School

hi hih ih hih hih hih hih hih hkh hihm hih hih hih hih hhih hjh hhihh ihhhih hih hih hhih h

Bart bot

Rainhill High School

it is Bart of course


kicking a football easy

Rainhill High School

kick and the robot scores the robots have won the world cup and the crowd goes wild.

needing help im here

Rainhill High School

oh yeah

ahh scary....... help me ......... its a robot

Rainhill High School

its very scary its a dinosaur.


Team Challenges

None yet!

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