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Sale High School


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Our Mission Statement

"we are feeling very excited for the robotics competition and we hope to at least win one trophy this year or maybe even two."



Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

the 5 facts of robots

Sale High School

one fact of robots is that robot can do very dangerous jobs that is risky for humans , such as disarming a bomb or travelling where humans cannot venture.The second fact is that robots are really smart and can solve stuff that humans cannot solve. the can drive fly-less cars. they can drive aeroplanes

what robots can do in the future

Sale High School

Humanoid robots which being the smallest group of service robots in the current market, have the greatest potential to become the industrial tool of the future.Companies have created human-looking robots to be used as medical assistants and teaching aids

What is the future of robotics?

Sale High School

the future of robotics is that engineers are designing the next generation of robots to look,feel and act more human, to make it easier for us to keep warm up to a cold machine. practical looking hair and skin with sensors will allow to react in their environment

how could robots help in homes?

Sale High School

A Domestic robot is a type of service, a robot that is used for household chores even stuff like education , entertainment or therapy . While most robots are simplistic. some are connected to WiFi home networks or smart environments.

Driver-less Cars And The Benefits

Sale High School

Driver-less cars are much better than the others. It increases the safety and reduces the traffic. Drivers are not expected to play any part in the driving process at all. Less carbon dioxide is used and finally the parking gets easier.

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