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Sale High School


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Our Mission Statement

"we are feeling very excited for the robotics competition and we hope to at least win one trophy this year or maybe even two."



Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Dark matter being misused in the future? 2

Sale High School

this new energy could cause the military to use this energy to create nuclear and biological weapons which could threaten many lives. Hopefully it will not come to this in the future if converting dark matter into energy is possible.

robots future

Sale High School

when robots were created they were to help with minimal tasks . nowadays we can get a robot to do surgery and even to replace humans!

Dark matter being misused in the future?

Sale High School

Dark matter could be used to make energy in the future.

Particle accelerators 4

Sale High School

Scientists hope that dark matter will appear at the recreation of the big bang and they will be able to study the dark matter and learn more about it.

Particle accelerators 3

Sale High School

These particles then collide to recreate a small version of the big bang.

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