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Sidmouth College


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Our Mission Statement

"Discovering, experimenting . engineering and rediscovering together"


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Could a robot ever do more than it is programmed to do?

Sidmouth College

You could teach a robot to learn and it could learn new programmes and increase its inteligence

Which are the best pets, real or robotics?

Sidmouth College

Robotics don’t need cleaning up after but they aren’t soft and snuggly like my dogs

Will robots ever fly planes

Sidmouth College

Are Autopilot settings on aeroplanes a form of robotics??

What jobs might be done by robots in the future

Sidmouth College

In our area recently a giant fat burg has been found under the Esplanade, it would be great if we could teach a robot to remove it as it would be more hygienic, it would be safer as the people who have to remove it have to wear breathing masks and safety equipment, it’s a tricky area to access so robots could have a camera to record what they are doing and keep the humans in the safety of the fresh air outside

How could robots help in your home?

Sidmouth College

Robots can already hoover the floors but we need to programme them to pick up anything left on the floor


Introduce robot

Sidmouth College

Jurassic Bott knows his name


Team Challenges

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