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Valley Gardens Middle School

Whitley Bay

Also known as...

Our Mission Statement

"We want to make the world a better place (via robots (obv), tea, being nice, kittens, and joy!)- yay!"


Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Could robots replace human workers even more?

Valley Gardens Middle School

Car assembling, and surgical robots, have already proved that robots can replace humans; a concerning prospect on a major scale, and certainly something for the sci-fi writers to pounce on. Many manual jobs are at risk, yes, many may be made unemployed, people could be found with financial worries, homelessness may increase, but could it also create new occupations, both professional and otherwise? Okay, the time-old argument of the "technician fixes everything- what about everybody else?" does spring up in opposition, but I seriously believe other jobs could pop up due to this...

A bath bot is creepy!

Valley Gardens Middle School

To have a bath bot run a bath doesnt it have to be the bath which is just all out creep also it is pretty easy to just do manually but a app that turns your bath tap on is a good idea from your phone.

School makers???

Valley Gardens Middle School

School makers are not phisically possible. Also most of these late brainbot (not ours) suggestions are either preposterous or already in existence. In order to make robots, or anything, for that matter, work, you need to comply by the laws of physics.

What is a bill bot?

Valley Gardens Middle School

A bill bot is a SMART METER

Why homicidal robots are gravely wrong!

Valley Gardens Middle School

Killing is wrong! To even suggest the possibilities of robotic murder is awful. We humans have messed each other up already too much! We don't need servants to make the human race even worse, to grief the human race even more! Awful!

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Team Challenges

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Feb 15, 2019 2:05 PM We're making considerable progress, and James, one of our builder/coders has created a rather impressive scarybot! Valley Gardens Middle School

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