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Brain Bots & Mini Challenges

Robot pets or 'live' pets? Zach and Connor debate..

William Howard School

Zach: I personally think that a robotic pet is best as it is a combination between real and virtual. It has the feel and sense of a real pet but the programming and ever pleasingness of a virtual pet. Also, it can be programmed to act just like a real pet but without the things that annoy people. Connor: I think virtual pets are the best because there are apps like talking Tom and Hank and these fill little children with joy but I think real pets just tip the scales so I think Zach that real pets are the best.

Robots in the Home

William Howard School

Robot cleaners would be great because they would get rid of every last bit of dirt. They would be more reliable, they could do other jobs like washing up and making the bed. They could one day make dinner. In the future they might even wash your clothes. They might be able to do all chores one day

Robot success more a judgement of creator?

William Howard School

As part of our discussion, Josh made a good point - "I believe that the robot Olympics would be more a test of the creators not the actual robots as a bunch of equal robots would run a race in the same time. As I said I believe that it would be more the creator’s prowess at robotics like robot wars".

Discussion about Robots

William Howard School

LOTS of chat about this! For example: Ben says, "Robot doctors in the future might be more accurate however the will not have the friendly human touch. Maybe some people would trust a robot doctor or surgeon more than a person. So maybe there will be robot operating machines. Robots could help around the house by cleaning the floor wiping the windows washing dishes and making beds they might even cook the dinner. There may be robot Olympics maybe to see who went over the finish line first or even as athletes you might have too build a robot and see whose is the fastest".

Robots to take over the world?

William Howard School

Zach can't work out if this is a bad idea or a brilliant one: What is the future of robotics In the future there is a potential chance that robots will overtake humans and do their work for them. Robotics has already got so far so why wouldn't it be able to go further and overtake mankind as the most powerful thing.

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